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Employer Benefits

Personal Pharmacist takes care of your people while helping you control your healthcare spend

A Better Plan

Most business owners and employers don't even know there's an option to decrease their prescription medication spend. That's why PeopleOne Personal Pharmacist exists, to help connect the dots between employers, doctors, insurance, pharmacies, and employees.

We do this independently, working for our clients, not an insurance or pharmaceutical company. This means we're looking out for you and you people every step of the way.


We Partner With You

PeopleOne Personal Pharmacists work as your partner, consulting with you and creating a customized plan that creates improved outcomes for your team members and better results for your bottom line.


We review your prescription spend and find the best opportunities for savings to rapidly help your bottom line

Customized Plan

We design a benefit plan built to maximize brand-name savings and provide generic alternatives

Improved Health

We help drive improved medication adherence, leading to long-term improved health

It Really Works

We've implemented our program for all types of clients and helped them save thousands of dollars, as well as helping their employees save money and time. Here's one example from one of our public education clients. 

Large School District

$11,981 $115,102 $127,083

We Can Do This For You

This type of savings isn't unusual, in fact we have other case studies that mirror this type of savings. We can provide a customized estimate for your business. Contact us today to start your journey to making medicine make sense.

In the first half year of program implementation, we saved our members a cumulative $12,000, and our client $115,000.  That's $127,000 in savings. So in six months, the program has already paid for itself for the year.