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Partnering for Care

Personal Pharmacist elevates your offering for clients

Prescription for Success

As consumerism grows in the pharmacy space, our solution allows a single point solution for businesses trying to navigate the complicated benefits environment. This lets employers have a better understanding of their healthcare spend and how they can save, while helping their employees choose what’s best for them.

This approach allows our partners to create an easy to add benefit to any healthcare plan, creating better outcomes for clients and consumers alike.


An Objective Advantage

We don't have quotas to meet or certain prescriptions to push. That makes PeopleOne Personal Pharmacists independent, meaning our focus is purely on taking care of members, employers, and partners. 

More to Offer

We offer a unique solution to partner portfolios, setting them apart from competitors

Scalable Solution

Our program can be implemented with any size self-funded employer group

Defined Benefit

We offer an additional savings channel for employers that can be easily quantified

It Really Works

We've implemented our program for all types of clients and helped them save thousands of dollars, as well as helping their employees save money and time. Here's one example from one of our manufacturing clients. 


Interested in Learning More?

Contact us today to learn how we can help bring a competitive advantage to ANY healthcare plan.